Guide and special conditions for car rental

  • Portuguese Bilhete de Identidade or Portuguese Cartão de Cidadão or valid Passport and Portuguese Cartão de Contribuinte (if you do not possess a Portuguese Cartão de Cidadão)
  • Driving license that has been valid for at least 1 year
  • The driver must have available a valid credit card Visa Mastercard, Dinners, or Visa

48 hours before the desired pickup date.

  • Liability insurance (up to 50.000.000,00 euros)
  • Accident, collision, rollover, and theft insurance – with deductible
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Kilometers per current tables – except exceptional cases
  • Circulation supplement (+1 hour)
  • Vehicle maintenance, per brand recommendation
  • Road taxes
  • Periodic inspections (when required)
  • Fuel
    • Per rule: the vehicle should be returned with the same level of fuel that vehicle had when the vehicle was picked up
    • Per request of the Client: We can deliver the vehicle with a full fuel tank, which implies the vehicle must be returned in the same conditions. In this case, the client must leave a stipulated deposit, in additional fees to the contract.
    • The fuel tank is considered full when it is 4/4 full. For the effect of missing fuel and associated payment to fill up the tank, it will be considered a full fuel tank minus the current fuel level indicated by the fuel gauge. This value is always rounded up, per quarters, according to the costs stipulated in additional fees.
    • In the case the client refuels the vehicle with the wrong fuel type, the client will be charged the maximum deductible established for that effect.
  • The Extras: built-in GPS, automatic transmission, baby seat, others if requested and available
  • Exit Fees for Members States of the Green Card System (only with prior authorization from us and price agreement between us and you)
  • Young driver – less than 23 years old and two years of driving experience, except for high-end vehicles where the minimum age is 30 years old and 5 years of driving experience
  • Additional drivers
  • “Via Verde” system
  • VAT
  • Full deductible (Basic Plan), includes accident, collision, and theft insurance, according to the group and category of the vehicle, if the client has not requested “Additional Insurance”
  • Deductible Reduction Insurance (Medium Plan), includes accident, collision, and theft insurance and personal and passenger medical insurance
  • Zero Deductible Insurance (Total Plan), includes all insurances, like, accident, collision, theft, personal and passenger medical, vandalism, natural phenomena, and broken windows
  • Damage due to driver negligence - burned upholstery, damage from dents due to unpaved roads, parking on sidewalks, scratches and dents on parking, tire bursting due to neglect, etc. In these cases the maximum deductible amount will be charged.
  • Car wash - in case of abnormal use.
  • Parking lots, garages and traffic tickets.
  • Lost vehicle documents or keys will be charged according to vehicle type and category.
  • Any and all other values, which are or will be part of the General Conditions of the Rental Agreement and which are not specifically stipulated in 3., 4., and 5. of these rules.
  • The values foreseen for the lease are determined and paid when the contract is made, as stipulated in 3. 4. and 5. of these rules, and for the values stipulated at the time of the car's pickup. The final balance will be determined at the end of the rental period.
  • Only credit cards and cash are accepted as payment for the pickup of the vehicle and for the total or partial deposit of the established deductible, which will be refunded at the end of the rental in case of no accidents, no damage to the vehicle, and no other stipulated amounts to be charged
  • Only VISA, DINNERS CLUB AND MASTER CARD credit cards are accepted, either for initial deposit (deductible) or for payment of the rental.

The vehicles listed in www.autosimpatia-rentacar.pt or others vehicles that Auto Simpatia might have available in time for the rental.

At the rental office and headquarters, in Rua João Reis, No. 22, Zona Industrial, 2500-757 Caldas da Rainha, or at the GPS coordinates:
310 ° 25'30.32 "N
10 ° 10'44.56 "W
or at a place to be agreed upon for an additional fee.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday - Morning: 9h00 - 13h00 - Closing at Lunch Time: 13h00 - 15h00 - Afternoon: 15h00 - 19h00. Saturday - Morning: 9h30 - 13h00.

Closed: Saturday afternoon, Sundays and holidays.

The price varies depending on the vehicle you choose, depending on the vehicle's category and group, as well as on additional insurance and services you request.

It depends on the chosen vehicle, its category and group, the vehicle's value in the car market and on the insurance associated with it.

  • Report the accident to the police authorities, to record the event, and to Auto Simpatia - Rent a Car, within 24 hours.
  • You must also complete the Friendly Accident Statement and send it to us within five days. Do not declare yourself guilty of the accident, in any case, with the third party.
  • You should request assistance through the telephone number on the insurance green card.

All bookings made through the site are a pre-reservation that require confirmation regarding the availability of the car, dates and times and even prices shown on the site.

Only after confirmation by email sent by Auto Simpatia confirming the availability of the car, price and conditions, reservations will be considered valid.

  • Stop the car
  • Report the situation to the rental service as soon as possible for assistance

Yes, if you got the addional driver extra and identified the person in question.

They can, if the customer informs the rental company in a timely manner and according to fleet availability. You can do this through our telephone phone, mobile phones, website or email mentioned above.

If you are within the grace period (+ 1 hour), there is no additional charge. Otherwise, there will be an extra cost of one more day of rental, as stipulated in the initial contract.

All information regarding privacy policy is described on our website in the "General Rental Conditions" and is in accordance with the law.

Through a confirmation email or other means available to the parts involved.

Yes, the prices presented refer to the low season. For high season and rentals longer than 8 days, the prices are subject to prior confirmation.

Yes, they may be replaced by similar vehicles of the same group and category, but only in exceptional cases and if unavoidable.

  • The low season is from October 1st to June 30th.
  • The high season is from July 1st to September 15th.
  • Certified photocopy of the Documento Único Automóvel (DUA) or original DUA;
  • Insurance green card
  • IUC - Imposto Único de Circulação (stamp);
  • Valid circulation contract (rental);
  • Mandatory periodic inspection (if applicable);
  • Friendly insurance statement.
  • Auto Simpatia-Rent a Car delivers the documents to the customer who established the rental agreement.
  • Placing the documents on the vehicle is the responsibility of the vehicle user. Law enforcement authorities may fine the vehicle user if the documents are not placed on the vehicle.

They can, without any notice from the lessor, however, no customer can or should rent any car without having true knowledge of the rules that are in force at the time the contract is established.

By subscribing to this service, Auto Simpatia makes available to the Customer a “Via Verde” identifier owned by Auto Simpatia, installed on the windscreen of the vehicle. For payment purposes, the Customer must provide a valid card, ensuring sufficient balance in the corresponding bank account to cover the amounts due, and their debit may occur after the detection of use of a road infrastructure, and accepting that the due debits may occur after the end of the Rental Agreement, provided that the use of the road infrastructure has been verified during its term.

This service costs € 1.50 plus VAT, per rental day, up to a maximum of € 15.00 plus VAT per month and per rental agreement (Ordinance No. 190/2013 of May 23) ;

Not subscribing to this service implies the responsibility of the Customer in the general terms defined by Law No. 25/2006 of June 30, as amended.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday - Morning: 9h00 - 13h00 - Closing at Lunch Time: 13h00 - 15h00 - Afternoon: 15h00 - 18h30. Saturday - Morning: 9h30 - 13h00.

Closed: Saturday afternoon, Sundays and holidays.

Yes, by choosing from the fleet available in www.autosimpatia-rentacar.pt or www.autosimpatia.pt. If you are a professional of the automotive trade, you can also check www.autosimpatia-revenda.pt


Discounts only on Daily Rental price (does not apply to insurance or to any additional fees). This promotion cannot be combined with any other existing campaigns. Valid for rentals of passenger cars up to 5 seats. Promotion not valid for monthly contracts (30 days).

Promotion valid during High Season: July 1st to September 15th.

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